Ford Ridge Wind Finalizes Improved Project Layout

After more than ten years of development, optimization, and design enhancement, Ford Ridge Wind is pleased to announce that it has finalized an improved layout for the Ford Ridge Wind project. The new layout utilizes the most advanced available technology to decrease the total number of turbines in the project by 31%, increase setbacks from homes, and site fewer turbines within a mile of the Village of Sibley.

Final Layout Improvements:

  • 31% reduction in total number of turbines (Now 46)
  • 25% reduction in number of turbines located within one mile of Sibley (Now 6)
  • Closest turbine to a home is more than twice as far away (No turbine is closer than 1,561 feet away from any home)
  • Lease converted to "community lease" ensuring all project participants receive lease payments, whether or not they receive project facilities on their property

Original draft layout in original SUP application

Final Ford Ridge Wind project layout